Welcome to our world of leadership coaching!

I'm excited to walk this path together.

My name is Valery Molone, the heart and mind behind this endeavor. I am a Certified Leadership Coach, driven by the goal of empowering leaders to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Raised with a unique blend of cultures and having lived and worked in different countries, I'm no stranger to the challenges and rewards that cross-cultural interactions bring. This rich tapestry of experiences is a fundamental part of who I am, allowing me to bring a distinctive cross-cultural expertise to my coaching practice.

As a multilingual coach fluent in English and Persian, I pride myself on being able to connect deeply with a diverse range of individuals. Whether you're navigating complex global relationships or fostering a culturally inclusive team, I'm here to guide you through the intricacies.

But beyond languages and cultures, I am passionate about nurturing the authentic self in each leader I work with. I believe that at the core of great leadership is authenticity, which is why I am committed to helping you tap into your true identity, enabling you to lead with conviction and inspire others with your vision.

Our coaching journey is more than just a training program. It's a transformative experience tailored to you - your goals, your strengths, and your challenges. Using evidence-based coaching techniques, I help you pinpoint potential areas of growth, build leadership skills, and boost professional success.

However, personal growth doesn't stop with the coaching sessions. I'm a firm believer in continuous learning and development. That's why, as part of our journey together, you'll be equipped with the tools and strategies to sustain your growth beyond our coaching relationship.

I invite you to embark on this transformative journey with me. Let's unlock your potential, empower your leadership, and elevate your success.

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When I'm not coaching, I'm likely twirling around in a dance class, my hands deep in garden soil, or hiking my way to the peak of a mountain. I'm an avid reader, always on the hunt for the next great book that can provide me with fresh perspectives. When indoors, you'll often find me whipping up recipes inspired by the cooking shows I love to watch or immersing myself in fascinating documentaries about our planet and its wonderful creatures.

I share my home with my beloved French Bulldog and my two wonderful daughters, who are my greatest joys. We often spend quality time splashing around in the swimming pool, watching our favorite shows, or simply sharing stories of our day.

Through my personal journey and professional expertise, my mission is to serve as your guide towards realizing your leadership potential. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

""Coach Valery Molone is phenomenal. Her Self-Made Boss Program has helped me better understand what it takes to transition from being an employee to being your own boss in your business. Her professionalism and caring nature drew me to work with her in the first place. She has decades of successful coaching practice, and it is very evident why coaches love working with her. Coach Molone exhibits a strong work ethic and leads a soul-based business that inspires her clients to follow in her footsteps. Her only goal is to ensure you succeed in reaching your goals through her coaching and mentoring.""

Sharmeen Baria

"Valery will get you results and she'll do it quickly! If you're looking for someone to be straightforward with you and tell you exactly what to do (and what you're doing wrong), Valery is your girl. I'd absolutely recommend Valery to anyone who's looking to get results and step up their game!"

Juliana Barbati

"Valery is a very kind and generous person. She is also a very insightful coach who helped me to see a way around a problem that I had. She made some really helpful, practical suggestions, that I was able to put into practice straight away, to make a start on resolving the issue. Thank you for your help!"

Chantal Cornelius